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Kids Red Angry Birds Costume
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The red angry bird is the tip of the spear when it comes to the never-ending War on Swine (the ÒLong WarÓ as I call it). Without the frontline soldier that is the red angry bird where would we be? Without eggs, no doubt. WeÕd just be watching those pigs eat omelettes all day and smirking at us. How I the them! Well, luckily, we do not live in a birdless dystopia, we live in the real would with real costumes like the Kids Red Angry Birds Costume. Heck yeah we do! No pig shall be safe, no matter how many stone walls they put in between them and your slingshot, so long as youÕre ready and waiting with the Kids Red Angry Birds Costume. Ring in Halloween this year as the stalwart soldier and protector of all of egg-kind with the Kids Red Angry Birds Costume.